Matt Keller

Matt Keller Strength and Honor FitnessIt’s hard to find good quality trainers. You look at them on paper and they meet the qualifications, but those qualifications have to come to life. It’s one thing to understand theory of exercise and weight management. It’s another to apply it. Meet Matt Keller.

“Knowledge is not power, APPLIED knowledge is power”

Matt Keller is the brains behind the brawn at Strength & Honor Fitness. He’s been in the strength and conditioning business for more than 20 years, helping hundreds of people become the best versions of themselves. He received his degree in exercise science from Rutgers University, where he played Division I baseball, and then spent 10 years in the field of education as a teacher and administrator. He has experience in personal training, strength coaching, corporate fitness, injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement. He has taken all that experience and knowledge, pared down the prevailing traditional and trendy exercise programs, and created Strength & Honor Fitness, a School of Strength.

“Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk it”

Matt doesn’t do conventional workouts. He doesn’t hold hands or watch over you and count reps. He doesn’t do empty compliments and he’s not there to be your friend. He doesn’t need to — his clients are rewarded with the results they work for. If you are serious about getting results; if you are serious about getting into better shape; if you want to make a REAL change to be a stronger, fitter, leaner, more confident version of yourself, then Matt is the coach you want guiding you. That’s why his clients have chosen Strength & Honor Fitness, and that’s why you should too. Because you want results, period.