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Our S.H.O.K. (Strength & Honor Overload & Konditioning) classes are the backbone of Strength & Honor Fitness. S.H.O.K. class combine serious strength training programming with intensive conditioning protocols to create the most effective fat loss, strength building, body changing workout you can possibly do in 30 minutes.

The overall goal of S.H.O.K. class is to improve your functional work capacity (amount of work you can accomplish in a given period of time), which in turn creates a leaner, fitter, stronger version of you. We improve your FWC in two ways; making your more efficient with your exercise by teaching you proper exercise mechanics and by challenging you to work in a high level of intensity.

Our S.H.O.K. classes are designed with the basic principles of human adaptation mind; the principles that if the body is challenged just enough, then it will adapt to the stresses placed upon in. In 30 minutes, we attempt to recruit the greatest amount of muscular activation by focusing on compound exercises like squatting, deadlifting, overhead pressing, sprinting, and kettlebell swinging, just to name a few. The benefits of this type of training include, but are not limited to:

Improve core strength, balance and athletic ability
Increase fat burning and muscle building hormones much more than isolation movements
Trains your body as a synergistic, connected machine, not a collection of separate parts
Decreases the amount of time your need to spend at the gym
Increases the speed in which your body will change

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